Well in 2004 I started to think about God and things like did he exist and if he did exist—what is he like? I had always known there was a God but that was about it really. But I started to think about God anew. Several things that I had watched on TV had sort of pushed me to start thinking about God again.

So I thought and thought about this but I wasn’t getting anywhere quick. Several years ago I had gotten a small Gideon’s New Testament, and for years I had just put it beside my bed and left it there. One day, I decided to pick it up and read it and see what it said. It hit me like a ton of bricks.

Now I admit at first I didn’t fully understand what it had to say but I knew deep down it was VERY important and what it had to say was VERY important indeed. So I read it even more. I then started to go online on the internet and look for more stuff to read. I remember reading about the apostles and how they had given their all and their very lives for Jesus and that hit me hard too.

So I kept on looking and one day I went into my sister’s old house and someone had left a Christian leaflet through the door. At the time no one was living there so it had been left a long time. I picked it up and read it and I realized this was it! Finally all the things I had read before made sense and all the pieces came together. I now knew that I was a sinner and that I deserved eternal Hell for my sins and that I had
offended God by my sins. But thankfully Jesus Christ had come to die on the cross for my sins. He had taken the punishment for my sins so that I could be with him in
heaven forever more. Through his death all my sins had been forgiven. So deep down in my heart and mind, I prayed the short prayer at the end of that tract and well things haven’t been the same since then and I thank God for it!

Tom now attends Good News Baptist Church in Mullingar, and is actively serving God there.

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