Exploring Christianity

Exploring Christianity is a short Bible study series in which the basic facts of the Christian faith are considered. Feel free to download and use for your personal use. Tap or click on the filename. This will cause the selected study to commence downloading. The studies are in pdf format and may take a short while to open. On a P.C. you can right click on the file name and then “save link as.” You can then decide where to put the file. If these studies have been a blessing to you, please let us know on: contact@bible.ie.

Exploring Christianity 1– Who is Jesus Christ?
Exploring Christianity 2– What is Sin?
Exploring Christianity 3– What are the consequences of Sin?
Exploring Christianity 4– What is Repentance?
Exploring Christianity 5– What is Faith?
Exploring Christianity 6– Jesus, The Lamb of God

Please note: You may freely use these resources personally in ministering to others. However, these materials are not to be published in any form whatsoever without the express written permission of  Derry O’Sullivan (contact@bible.ie).