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Like many people in Ireland, I was brought up as a Roman Catholic. I was baptised as a baby, made my communion and got confirmed. I always believed in God,… Read More »Gina


Wayne was raised in the county of Essex in England. He studied law at Southampton University (in Hampshire). He is currently at IT project manager for an IT company in… Read More »Wayne


Well in 2004 I started to think about God and things like did he exist and if he did exist—what is he like? I had always known there was a… Read More »Tom


I grew up going to church, but I slackened off a bit when I went to college. I would read my Bible and pray occasionally, and I thought I was… Read More »Tambu


Until recently, Patrick was the Irish national service manager for a well known international company. He grew up in Finglas, and now lives in Blanchardstown with his wife (he has… Read More »Patrick