Discipleship Bible Studies
These Discipleship Bible Studies have been developed to ground believers in the basics of the Christian life. Feel free to download and use for your personal use. The studies are in pdf format and may take a short while to open.

Discipleship Bible Study 1 - Assurance
Discipleship Bible Study 2 - Temptation
Discipleship Bible Study 3 - Fellowship
Discipleship Bible Study 4 - Prayer
Discipleship Bible Study 5 - The Quiet Time

Please note: D.J O'Sullivan has retained the copyright of all materials hereby included. You have permission to download and use the materials for your personal ministry in reaching out to the lost and discipling the saved. Indeed such use is greatly encouraged. The materials are not to be mass produced or sold in part or whole in any form whatsoever without the written permission of  D.J. O'Sullivan.

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'A particular statement of Jesus Christ in the Bible challenged me - "you must be born again" - John chapter 3, verse 7.' 
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